Mighty Grip Wrist Band and Thumb Support

Mighty Grip Wrist Band and Thumb Support

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Might Grip provides numerous products that protect your body while in pursuit of your passion. The Mighty Grip Wrist and Thumb Support Band creates stability for the ligaments, nerves and the carpal bone structure without restricting mobility in the joint of your wrist. This wrist band comes with a hole to insert your thumb into for comfort and additional support. The tacky strip will  help you sustain a firm grip on the dance pole surface. One size fits all.


Combination Wrist and Thumb Support with Tack strip on the palm.

Supports both the wrist and thumb but still allows for holding the Dance Pole.

Provide stability to the ligaments, nerves and carpal bones.

Light weight and flexible.

One size fits all.

Choose Right hand or Left hand.  (1 Per order)