Live Once Pole Dance Instructional DVD Intermediate Advanced Elisabeth Magalhaes


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Live Once Intermediate/Advanced Pole Dance Instructional Video in DVD format with Elisabeth Magalhaes. You get 1 DVD with a mix of intermediate and advanced instruction.

  • This DVD includes over 20 Pole Dance moves.
  • It has a comprehensive introduction, safety tips and a warm-up that will take your pole work to the next level.
  • There is a segment on advanced conditioning exercises designed to improve your endurance and strength.
  • The Freestyle Montage demonstrates how you can put together what you have learned.
  • Elisabeth Magalhaes is certified by Can Fit Pro.

Moves List
Boomerang, Caterpillar, Gemini, Butterfly, Extended Butterfly, Scorpio, Cross Ankle Release, Cross Knee Release, Spinning Helicopter, Reverse Hook to Gemini Butterfly, Spinning Helicopter to Scorpio, Super cradle, Reverse Knee Hold, Cross Leg Hip Hold, Hand spring, Cartwheel mount, Shoulder mount to inversion, Side Climb to Shoulder Mount, Bow and Arrow from Cross Ankle Release, Iguana mount, Broken Pencil, Aysha, Power Flip Reverse Hook, Plus all of the conditioning moves.

Elisabeth Magalhaes, owner of Live Once Pole Dance and Fitness Studio, will guide your through over 20 Intermediate and Advanced Pole Dance moves as well as advanced conditioning exercises designed to improve your endurance and strength in your pole work. Beginning with a comprehensive introduction, safety tips and a warm-up, this DVD will cover every area needed to take your pole training to a new level. You will also find a freestyle montage covering some of the spins, transitions and pole moves learned in the moves section.

Elisabeth Magalhaes is Can Fit Pro certified and has been in the fitness industry as a Group Fitness Leader and Personal Trainer for over 18 years. With a background in ballet, modern and jazz as well as over 10 years pole dancing, she has developed a fun, safe and comprehensive pole dance and fitness program. At her successful studio Live Once, she has had the pleasure of instructing thousands of women in the Art of Pole Dance as well as many other fitness classes and personal training. As a mother of 3 herself, Elisabeth recognizes the importance of not only taking care of ones family, but how important it is for women to make time for themselves physically, mentally and emotionally as well. Elisabeth hopes you enjoy this DVD and find it informative and fun.

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