Hot Pink Dance Pole Kit by Peek-a-boo

$89.00 $149.00

Heat up your routine with a Hot Pink Dance Pole by Peek-a-boo UK. This Dance Pole Kit is a good starting point if you are new to pole fitness.  It's quick to setup and take-down and is our least expensive model that holds up to 200 pounds without having to screw it in the ceiling. If you plan on packing it up and taking it on a weekend getaway it is the lightest weight pole we offer.  It weighs just 12 pounds and comes with a carry bag.  You can put it in your luggage, set it up for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party or try out pole fitness to see if it is something you want to learn.  Upgrade to a more sturdy pole later if you choose to keep dancing your way to fitness. 

Here are some of the features of a dance pole set bound to revolutionize pole dancing for fun and fitness forever:

* Three finely wrought, slot-together sections HOT PINK for ease of assembly, strength, the ultimate in stability and smooth joins

* Specially designed, extendable top and bottom sections providing the stability you'll need to perform self spins, flips and dramatic inverts

* No special ceiling adapters it will quickly set up and take down without cosmetic damage to your ceiling

* You get the option to screw your dance pole into the ceiling permanently for loads of over 200lbs.

* It's made of the finest quality chrome finishes around, the choice of the professionals.

* Extendable top section for use on ceilings ranging from 7'2" to 8'6" in height.

* Assembly Guide and DVD getting started is quick and stress free.

* The HOT PINK PEEKABOO-Pole Professional Pole Kit goes up and down in just 5-minutes.

Size: 50mm (1.96") chrome steel pole and Extendable top section for use on ceilings ranging from 7'2" to 8'6" in height

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