Felix Cane Pole Mastery Box Set Instructional DVDs

Felix Cane Pole Mastery Box Set of 5 Instructional DVD's

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Felix Cane Pole Mastery Box Set of Instructional DVD's. You get all 5 DVD's.
Full Length Warm-up Step-by-Step Instruction Over 100 Moves, Variations & Transitions Safely Improve Flexibility Artistry Secrets Shared Signature Acrobatic Pole Moves Breath-taking Routines Get Fit and Have Fun!
This amazing DVD collection will teach you how to pole dance with world-class style and technique. The five DVDs in this set showcase over 100 pole moves, variations, transitions and artistic points. World Champion Pole Artist, Felix Cane, details everything you need to enjoy pole dancing as an art and as fitness. Includes a full-length warm-up, step-by-step instruction, proven methods for safely gaining flexibility, artistry secrets, signature acrobatic pole moves, and breath-taking routines. All videos provide detailed, step-by-step instruction. Learn how to master the art of pole dance and get fit with this entirely comprehensive DVD set.