Dry Hands Liquid Chalk 1oz or 2oz

$5.95 $12.95

Dry Hands is a non-sticky gripping solution for pole dancing and is hands down the best solution for moisture caused by perspiration. Feel the difference as Liquid Chalk allows you to grip the dance pole with less sliding and is so effective it repels water. Dry Hands is not sticky or greasy and is the most natural and comfortable grip available on the market today. Without the powdery mess, you won’t realize you have it on. Best part, it’s got staying power and is well worth the expense. Apply a small amount into the palm of clean dry hands and spread evenly across the gripping surface. Air dry for 15 seconds.  Terrific for all sports.  Especially when weather is humid or raining. 


Available in 2 sizes: 1oz or 2oz. 






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