Why can't exercise be fun?  We all want to look good and be healthy but traditional exercise can be time-consuming, inconvenient and boring.  "A Fitness Trend" was created to cater to women and men who want to be fit and want to exercise if it is fun and convenient.  It sure helps develop a routine if the exercise is addicting.  We look for equipment that celebrities have been discovering amazing results and endorsing.  Pro-athletes and celebs have busy schedules and are often hopping from city to city so they need portable and convenient ways to maintain their fitness. We believe if professional athletes and celebrities have access to anything and they are choosing methods that are affordable we should help the masses discover these trends.  We offer a wide variety of exercise equipment that is outside of the norm.  Fitness forms that are not the stereotypical lift weights and use boring cardiovascular machines that get monotonous.  

We carry the following brands: X-Pole, Carmen, Mi-Pole, Mighty Grip, Dry Hands, Itac2, Pro-Fit, CoreX Systems and many more. Thanks for checking us out.