Mighty Grip Pole Dance Training & Fitness Gloves Non-Tacky or Tacky

$17.95 $24.95

Specially designed and developed for the sport of Pole Dance and Pole Yoga, the Mighty Grip gloves provide an advantage and practical use for all levels of experience from novice to expert.

Non-Tacky Mighty Grip Gloves are best for stationary poles that do not spin.  (Dull Palm)

Tacky Mighty Grip Gloves are best for spinning poles and can be used to stabilize the hands when learning more difficult moves. (Shiny Palm)

These gloves should fit snug.  Please be sure to purchase the correct size. Use a tape measure to measure around the knuckles of your dominant hand (as shown). If you are right handed, your dominant hand is your right hand.  We are happy to exchange if you buy the wrong size. 

Size: XS, S, M, L (See Size Chart) 

Colors: Pink, Hot Pink, White or Black

Grip: Non-Tacky (Dull Palm) or Tacky (Shiny Palm)

Note: You can help prevent slippage between your gloves and your hands by applying a small amount of Mighty Grip Powder to your palms before putting your gloves on.   (Mighty Grip Powder is available for purchase separately.)

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