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Whether you are a beginner or advanced level Pole Dancer or Aerial Artist you will find a large number of instructors and routines to learn from.  You can access your membership to view How To Instructional videos that cover everything you need to know about Pole Fitness and Aerial Dancing from any computer or device.  Instead of paying for classes or in addition to taking classes these How To videos teach you everything from practicing safety to being sexy.  You will be able to familiarize yourself with which instructors teaching style fits your needs.  Learn how from the best to Pole Dance like a Pro.  Perfect for all levels of learning how to stretch, spin, do tricks and floor work.  Instructors have broken down routines into step-by-step detail for you to view and practice anywhere.  Master hundreds of moves for fitness and fun. Now everyone can take classes from the experts in the privacy of their home. 

Learn to Pole Dance from the best artists in the world with membership access to more than 700 pre-recorded online video lessons. This package includes UNLIMITED viewing of video tutorials by Jenyne Butterfly, Felix Cane, Marlo Fisken, Oona K, Alethea Austin, Michelle Stanek, and more! Hundreds of spins, tricks, floor work and other moves broken down in step-by-step detail. Beginner to Advanced. View lessons from your computer or mobile device. With more than 700 video lessons, it's like having an entire library of pole dance DVDs right at your finger tips. Anytime. Anywhere.

Here's how it works
1) Purchase your membership here for $1 LESS than the listed purchase price ($28.95 for 30 Day or $248.95 for one Year)
2) We will email you instructions and COUPON CODE to activate your video viewing account with
3) will do a credit card verification and charge you the remaining $1. As a convenience, all membership subscriptions are set to recur with so the learning never has to stop, but you may cancel POLEANDAERIAL.COM at anytime.
4) Purchase here, we e-mail you instructions, and you get started with thousands of other enthusiasts learning from the best artists in the world!

After purchasing here, you understand you will be directed to and per industry standard be asked to agree to their Terms of Sale and Terms of Use.

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