iTac2 Dance Pole Grip Regular or Extra (Formerly Level 2 and Level 4)


Itac2 will allow you to achieve better contact and a firmer grip with less pressure. It’s water repellent, long lasting, easy to apply, starts working within one minute of application and gets better as you play. Itac2 will help provide you with total absolute control using much less effort.

Itac2 Dance Pole Grip Level 2 (Regular) and Level 4 (Extra) is now known as Itac2 Regular or Extra Strength. Get a GRIP! Imagine having total absolute control of your grip. Itac2 is like the invisible glove that allows you to relax your hands and grip with confidence, deliver accuracy and conserve energy.

Now available in 3 sizes:

Mini 20 gram $12.95 (Only available here.) 

Small 45 gram $19.95

Large 200 gram $39.95


Available in 2 strengths:

Regular Strength

Extra Strength (cold, wet or humid conditions) 


Wholesale Opportunities available for studios.  Contact us to get access to our wholesale portal.

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