Core X System Total Body Workout

$69.99 $89.99

Get in the best shape of your life by doing what the Pro's do.  The Core X System is a small light weight portable piece of equipment that offers a total body workout in 20 minutes. The Core X System became popular after the world famous Physical Therapist Alex McKechnie, former athletic coordinator for the Los Angeles Lakers and now the Director of Sports Science for the Toronto Raptors created this system.  Some of the clients who endorse this exercise equipment are Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Michelle Kwan, Luke Walton, Grant Hill, Holly McPeak, Paul Kariya and Owen Hargreaves.  These are just a handfull of the profesional athletes who use the Core X System.  Some were introduced to this exercise equipment by their trainers and physical therapists and others learned about it via word of mouth.  You may not be a professional athlete or celebrity but you may have similar goals.  If you want to increase core strength, strengthen and tone your upper and lower body or recover from an injury or overuse scenario.





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