Bendability Fitness Series - Leigh Ann Orsi and Amy Guion


  • For all skill levels beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Build strength, flexibility and definition
  • Exercise moves from the gym come to your home portable pole
  • Improve your body and minimize injury
  • Increase confidence and feel sexy

The Bendability Fitness Series 3 DVD Box Set Collection is perfect for all exercise skill levels or fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a new challenge. It's also ideal for the already seasoned pole dancer who wants to improve strength, flexibility and form while minimizing injuries that can happen doing strenuous pole moves. This 3 DVD Box Set featuring Leigh Ann Orsi and Amy Guion who are rising to the top by gearing their DVD's for all fitness levels. The pole is the NEW fitness craze and these guru's know their stuff. Each DVD has modifications so even new pole fitness folks can feel comfortable and safe working-out in their own home on their portable home fitness pole. The Foam Roller and Resistance Bands are not included with the box set. The portable dance pole is not included either. All these items are available for purchase on our website. Please call or e-mail if you need assistance choosing the right pole for your fitness or dance needs. Start by measuring your ceiling height precisely so we can be sure the pole is a good fit for you and your home. Below are the individual descriptions of each of the 3 DVD's in this set which are also available for purchase separately.

The Bendability Fitness Series DVD Conditioning for Pole Dancers features Leigh Ann Orsi and Amy Guion. Their conditioning routine is perfect for all levels, beginner through advanced pole dancers. You'll learn how to use the pole to do lunges, pull-ups and push-ups. All 14 of the exercises will improve your pole technique while building your strength and defining your muscles. You'll feel the burn and your body will reap the benefits of this exercise. Use the pole to get fit.

The Bendability Fitness Series DVD Stretching for Pole Dancers is the best stretching DVD for pole dancers. This DVD features Leigh Ann Orsi and Amy Guion going through 15 stretches that will improve your pole technique, relieve stress in key areas of your body and demonstrate how stretching can give more fluidity to your routines. This DVD has beginner through advanced technique for each exercise. Back arches, straddles and front splits can be attained by all fitness levels by practicing these moves. This full body flexibility workout will leave you feeling longer, stronger and sexier.

The Bendability Fitness Series DVD Foam Roller for Pole Dancers (Foam Roller not included with this DVD) is perfect for all fitness levels. Leigh Ann Orsi and Amy Guion use the foam roller and resistance bands to build strength and flexibility. You can perfect your pole technique while your body benefits. Resistance bands help with range of motion while the foam roller breaks down scar tissue. These exercises will help prevent injuries in the joints while building your dream body.

Foam Roller and Resistance Band Sold Separately.

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