Alethea Austin Stretching for Pole and Pure Splits Instructional DVD's


Alethea Austin Stretching For Pole DVD

This pole dance DVD is a training program developed by Alethea Austin focusing on full body flexibility and extensions for pole dancers. This DVD will teach you how to use your pole as a tool to help you stretch. Austin focuses on warming up the body correctly to avoid injuries. She shows her insider tips to maximizing your stretching and gaining flexibility in your back and splits.

Alethea Austin's Stretching For Pole DVD features:

  • Full Body Warm-up using the pole
  • Front and Middle Splits
  • Low, Middle and Upper Back Stretches
  • S Curve Wrapping
  • Shoulder Flexibility Stretches to Create Lean Lines and Forms in Poses
  • Nerve Stretches to Decompress and Reduce Tension
  • Free Dance
  • Using Flexibility

Alethea Austin  Pure Splits DVD

This pole dance DVD is a training program developed by Alethea Austin focusing on lengthening and strengthening leg and hip muscles. In order to get a pure flat split in the air you need to do a variety of static and active stretches. Alethea Austin's techniques will get you there in no time. Simply sitting in splits won't get you there but that is a common misconception. Let Alethea Austin show you her slow controlled flow, and isolated body waves that made her famous in the pole fitness world.
Alethea Austin Pure Splits DVD includes:

  • Full Body Warm-up
  • Stretching for Straddles Open V
  • Deep Stretching for Front Splits and Middle Splits
  • Showing Beginner through Oversplit Advanced Option
  • Using Pole to Help Stretch A Range of Splits
  • Freedance
  • Incorporating Stretching Into Everday Pole Dance

About Alethea Austin: Recognized Worldwide as a Top Pole Dance Instructor Signature Flexy Sexy style with slow controlled movements Awarded Miss Sexy 2009 by US Pole Dance Federation 2nd Place Pole Fitness Champion by International Pole Dance Federation 2010 US Pole Dance Federation Champion

Available for purchase separately or as a set.

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