45mm Pro-Fit Dance Pole Now Available December 05 2014

The Pro-Fit Dance Pole with LED Light and Carry Bag is now available in 45mm or 50mm.  The 50mm has been a Top Rated Dance Pole on Amazon.  Many of our dancers requested 45mm and it is now available. Buy it here and we'll ship it Free to retail customers within the Lower 48 US States!!


Click on the picture to buy it.

Want to WIN a Pro-Fit Dance Pole? Enter our contest! November 24 2014

We are excited to announce our contest has begun.  Win a NEW Pro-Fit Dance Pole. 

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Skip the Contest and Buy the Pro-Fit Dance Pole Here: Free Shipping to the Lower 48 States. 

How to Increase Profits at your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #10 October 07 2014

Tip #10 Become an Affiliate No investment or technical website experience needed.


  1. What is an Affiliate?  You earn cash when customers buy from a product ad on your website.
  2. How do I become an Affiliate?  Fill out a simple application to apply.  We will approve you within 72 hours.
  3. Am I eligible to become an Affiliate?  If you have a Pole Studio Website you can become an affiliate.
  4. Do I need to have technical website experience? No technical experience is needed.  Most websites are compatible with our software which is able to track sales and pay you via Paypal.  We will set it up for you.  There is no cost to you.  
  5. Can I see an example of an ad that would appear on my website?  Below is an example of an ad.  You can choose which products you want on your site.  We have hundreds to choose from.  A customer will click on the ad we put on your site, buy from our secure website and you will earn cash from the referral.  





How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #8 September 23 2014

Tip #8 Host or attend a Professional Aerial Performance or Host a Student Recital Night

As a Pole Studio, hosting events is one way to keep members engaged and introduce guests to the world of Aerial Arts.  Hosting Professional Pole Aerialists or Student Performance Events are some examples of how to keep members and guests interested.  Here is an example of a past event with world renowned Aerial Artists.  There is no doubt your current students will be excited to see the Pro's perform.  

The main goal is to host regular events and keep students coming back.  Motivating students to reach their goals and overcome obstacles is an important responsibility.  Many students are striving to reach their personal fitness, flexibility and dance goals.  Events are a great way to keep members involved.  If it is too hard to get the Pro's to come to you, consider gathering a group to attend a Pole Performance show.  Additionally, you may want to host an event for your students to show the routine they have been working on.  Ask your instructors to perform or assist with choreographing the opening and closing numbers so your show motivates and members and guests can see the range of experience and the benefits of Pole Dance Fitness.

Share your tips on our blog and we may highlight your studio in the near future!

How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #7 September 16 2014

Tip #7 Host an Open House

You may be familiar with realtors and schools hosting Open House events.  So you may wonder what an Open House at a Pole Dance Studio might offer.  Here are some tips for planning, preparing and promoting an Open House at your studio.  Be sure to set 2-3 simple goals for your event. i.e. Get 5 members to attend.  Get 5 guests to attend.  Get 2 people to sign-up for a class or camp.

Planning and Preparing

  1. Offer members an incentive for bringing at least 1 guest.
  2. Offer refreshments.
  3. Give away a prize and/or have a raffle.
  4. Ask current studio students to give a testimonial and/or answer questions.
  5. Have instructors and students do a demo.
  6. Offer students an incentive if their guest joins your studio.


  1. Promote your event on Social Media and in your classes.  Note:  The best referrals come from existing students.
  2. Send invitations to past students inviting them back.
  3. Send invitations to guests who visited in the past but did not join.
  4. Use Evite, Facebook and snail mail to remind people about your upcoming event.
  5. Have an information page on your website with details about your event.
  6. Don't forget to follow up with attendees.  Ask for feedback and ask them to return for another event.

Here is an example of a studio that has done a good job on their website Open House Info Page.

How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #6 September 09 2014

Tip #6 Social Media Posts and Contests

  • Social Media Contests - Social Media is one of the best ways to advertise your studio.  It's free and takes a small amount of time.  Encourage your instructors and dancers to post images and videos, before and after photos, video medleys or flagging images.  

Here is a link to an article with tips on Social Media Contests and examples of successful campaigns.  

The image below, simply asks folks to Like them for a chance to win some cool swag.  Keep it simple to ensure success.

How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #5 September 02 2014

Tip #5 Incentives for Referrals

  • Referral Incentives - Offer your current clients a free class, workshop or other prize for new clients that sign up.  The easiest way to get a new client is by asking existing clients to bring a friend(s).  It can take a lot of courage for someone to try a new gym or fitness class so having a friend who invites them makes it easier for them to come see what you offer.  Be sure to make the guests feel welcome, get their contact information and offer a bonus for the guests to sign-up the same day for future classes or workshops.  Be sure to follow up with them by phone, e-mail or text to answer any questions or concerns they might be too shy to mention in person.  Do this is a timely manner.  Don't forget where that referral came from...make sure to follow through and reward the folks who bring guests even if guests don't sign up the first day.

Pole Dance Centre Caters to Men in Montreal Canada August 14 2014

Pole Dance Centre Caters to Men (This link will redirect you to Pole World News)

What Pole Dancing Kit and Instructional DVD do I need for Pole Dancing at Home? March 21 2014

There are a lot of women interested in pole dancing for fitness.  Women of all ages are attending pole exercise classes at studios around the world.  If you don't have time to attend classes, they aren't located nearby or at a price you're willing to pay, what can you do?  You can learn pole dancing at home from the worlds best pole dance fitness instructors.  To get started you will need 2 pole dance items.  A pole dance pole and an instructional pole dance dvd.  The pole dance kits that are available for at home use are portable and removable.  You can find a bunch here on our site. With all of our at home pole dance kits you can temporarily install them. The dance poles are easy to remove without damaging your floor or ceiling.  Most at home pole dance kits come with a storage bag.  Once the pole is disassembled it can be easily stored.

It can be cheaper and safer to learn the moves at home using pole dance instructional DVD's.  Many of the best pole dance instructors compete at events like the Pacific Pole Championship and the United Pole Artists Dance Federation. The winners of these annual competitions often have instructional DVD's they promote while they are on tour visiting pole dance studios.  These highly qualified pole dance exercise instructors teach safety tips while on tour but you can learn at home with their instructional DVD.  We have a wide selection of Pole Dance Instructional DVD's.  Our site offers the best descriptions of the pole dance dvd's as well as the qualifications and accolades of the instructors so you can be sure you're learning from someone who has sufficient training and background.  Here is the link to our DVD's page:

We are happy to help you chose a dance pole and pole dance at home dvd or box set.  Give us a ring.  :  )

Here is preview of one of our favorites.  These 6 instructors represent COMPLETE POLE.