Competencia Pole Fitness Vallarta in Puerto Vallarto Mexico November 18-23, 2014 October 21 2014






The 2014 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship - Friday, November 14th at 5:30pm PST October 14 2014

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The 2014 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship Event Friday, November 14th at 5:30pm PST


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How to Increase Profits at your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #10 October 07 2014

Tip #10 Become an Affiliate No investment or technical website experience needed.


  1. What is an Affiliate?  You earn cash when customers buy from a product ad on your website.
  2. How do I become an Affiliate?  Fill out a simple application to apply.  We will approve you within 72 hours.
  3. Am I eligible to become an Affiliate?  If you have a Pole Studio Website you can become an affiliate.
  4. Do I need to have technical website experience? No technical experience is needed.  Most websites are compatible with our software which is able to track sales and pay you via Paypal.  We will set it up for you.  There is no cost to you.  
  5. Can I see an example of an ad that would appear on my website?  Below is an example of an ad.  You can choose which products you want on your site.  We have hundreds to choose from.  A customer will click on the ad we put on your site, buy from our secure website and you will earn cash from the referral.  





How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #9 September 30 2014

Tip #9 Sell Pole Dance Products at your Studio

Buy popular Pole Dance Products and Accessories at Wholesale prices and resell them at your studio.  There is no minimum purchase to begin.  Just sign-up here and we will approve your account within 72 hours.  

How to begin:

  1. Complete our Wholesale Application.
  2. We will approve your application within 72 hours.
  3. Place your first order and get our Special Bonus Pack valued at $30.

What's Your #MUSTHAVEITAC2 Pole Trick? September 04 2014

Mina Mortezaie and Nadia Sharif #MUSTHAVEITAC2 See why they love it here.

Can't attend the 2014 POLE EXPO in Las Vegas Nevada? Learn from the best without flying to Las Vegas. August 28 2014

Exclusive 5 Day Sale on Complete Pole Single DVD's.  30% off and Free Shipping within the USA.  Just $13.95 each!  Sale Begins September 5, 2014.


Pole Dance Expo 2014 Event Details August 20 2014


Just Released Sergia Louise Anderson Autographed Pole Instructional Single DVD August 07 2014



We are excited to announce the release of Sergia Louise Anderson's Complete Pole Autographed Singles.  We have a limited supply and they are only available from us. Released today Sergia Louise Anderson's signed instructional DVD single.  Only available while supplies last.  

Signed by the Owner of THE VERTITUDE in Canoga Park California, Sergia Louise Anderson and known for being the 2013 US National Pole Champion and the 2013 International Pole Championships (IPC) Choreographer of the Year.  Her DVD is perfect for experienced dancers and those who want to learn how to transition between pole and floor by borrowing from other dance genres.  It incorporate jazz, ballet & other dance techniques into pole routines. Learn how to use these techniques to create transitions and movement around the pole.  This DVD is great for dancers of all levels b/c transitioning can be one of the biggest challenges to creating a smooth routine for all levels of experience.

Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Sergia Louise Anderson's signed Contemporary Pole Instructional DVD.

Crossfitters Try Pole Fitness August 06 2014

Click below to see CrossFitters Try Pole Fitness 

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Just Released Mary Ashton Kolacinski Autographed Pole Instructional Single DVD August 04 2014

We are excited to announce the release of Mary Ashton Kolacinski's Complete Pole Autographed Singles.  We have a limited supply and they are only available from us. Released today Mary Ashton Kolacinski's signed instructional DVD single. Only available while supplies last.  

Mary Ashton Kolacinski was the 2013 Pacific Pole Champion, performed in the 2013 Pole Art Showcase and placed 3rd in the 2013 US Nationals.  She reveals her secrets to completing combinations of tricks that allow you to be creative and innovative with your routines. The tricks and combos she teaches are a great training tool to help you progress to the next stage. Included are detailed explanations of required skills, points of contact, weight transfer & timing so you can execute these tricks safely and effectively.

Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Mary Ashton Kolacinski's signed Pole Tricks and Trick Combo's Instructional DVD.

8 Reasons You Need to Try Pole Fitness August 01 2014

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United Pole Artists Video Challenge 2014 July 31 2014

Vote Here for the United Pole Artist Video Challenge Category:Sexy

Our favorites are Jeni Janover and Vegan Pole Dancer!  Who are your favorites?


How Pole Dance Studio Owners Can Earn Extra Money by Selling Dance Pole Accessories July 29 2014


There are 2 ways you can earn extra money by selling pole products.  

The 1st way to earn extra money is by offering more products for sale at your studio. You buy them at wholesale prices and sell them in your studio. There is no minimum investment. We offer everything from portable dance poles, instructional DVD's and hand and body grip aids.  We can help you decide based on what other studios sell well. You can pay by paypal or credit card. We accept exchange and return on any items that don't sell so there is no risk. 

The 2nd way to earn extra cash with zero investment is by putting ads for pole products on your website. Each time someone clicks on an ad and purchases a product you receive commission on the sale. The only involvement you will have is simply allowing us to put the ads on your site. These ads will improve the look of your website by showing the brands your dancers know and love. For example, you can put an ad for Complete Pole DVD's, itac2 Pole Dance Grip, Mighty Grip Gloves and/or X-Pole products.  When your website visitors make a purchase we pay you commission.  You do not need to make any investment.  

So if you are interested in either selling products at your studio or placing a few ads on your Pole Dance Studio website, you can earn extra money.  It's quick and easy to join our Distributor or Affiliate program. After you sign-up and we approve your studio you can begin earning.  We have a special offer for new studios who join within 7 days.  This special offer expires August 6, 2014.  Contact us now to get started. or call 1-866-888-8185 US only or 949-916-8497 International


Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors help you grip the pole while reducing bruising and ankle pain. July 28 2014

One of our best selling Pole Dance Accessories are Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors.  You can buy the barefoot version or the high heel ankle protectors. These tacky Mighty Grip Accessories help you grip the pole while reducing bruising and ankle pain.  You can practice longer and safer with a pair of Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors. Click here to buy them.

Autographed Single Just Released Complete Pole Artist Katherine Voorhees Strength and Flexibility Conditioning Pole Instruction July 25 2014


Katherine Voorhees is known for her flexibility and has been seen competing in the 2012 California Pole Dance Championships, 2013 Pole Art Showcase and is an X-Pert Certified Instructor awarded the CPDC Most Flexible Award.  Her DVD will help you with flexibility, strength and control.  Improving your lines can take you to the next level by incorporating holds and transitioning your moves to more advanced techniques that are within your reach.

Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Single signed by Complete Pole Artist Katherine Voorhees. 

Sale! 10% off iTac2 Products July 24 2014

You get 10% off when you use the Coupon Code: getagrip

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Autographed Single Just Released Complete Pole Artist Jennifer Kim Classic Pole Instruction for Beginners July 23 2014

Jennifer Kim is a competitive pole dancer and instructor.  She participated and placed in the 2013 US Nationals as a Finalist, 2012 Pacific Pole Championship, Runner-Up -USPDF Pro.  Her Classic Pole Movement DVD includes spins, floor work and dance movement.  It is perfect for beginners who want to be fit and sexy.

Click Below to buy Complete Pole Artist Jennifer Kim's Autographed Single, while supplies last!

Announcing Autographed Complete Pole DVD's July 21 2014

We are excited to announce the release of the Complete Pole Box Set Autographed by the 4 Female Complete Pole Artists.  We have a limited supply and they are only available from us.  Order the signed box set today while supplies last.  These Complete Pole box sets are signed by Sergia Louise Anderson, Katherine Voorhees, Jennifer Kim and Mary Ashton.  Later this week, we will be releasing the signed singles. There is no additional cost for these autographed box sets and singles.  Order the signed versions beginning today July 21, 2014.  You get all 6 Complete Pole Artists Instructional DVD's.  The Box set case is signed by the 4 female Champion Pole Artists. (Note: You get all 6 Instructional DVD's and the Signed Case) 

Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Box Set.



What Pole Dancing Kit and Instructional DVD do I need for Pole Dancing at Home? March 21 2014

There are a lot of women interested in pole dancing for fitness.  Women of all ages are attending pole exercise classes at studios around the world.  If you don't have time to attend classes, they aren't located nearby or at a price you're willing to pay, what can you do?  You can learn pole dancing at home from the worlds best pole dance fitness instructors.  To get started you will need 2 pole dance items.  A pole dance pole and an instructional pole dance dvd.  The pole dance kits that are available for at home use are portable and removable.  You can find a bunch here on our site. With all of our at home pole dance kits you can temporarily install them. The dance poles are easy to remove without damaging your floor or ceiling.  Most at home pole dance kits come with a storage bag.  Once the pole is disassembled it can be easily stored.

It can be cheaper and safer to learn the moves at home using pole dance instructional DVD's.  Many of the best pole dance instructors compete at events like the Pacific Pole Championship and the United Pole Artists Dance Federation. The winners of these annual competitions often have instructional DVD's they promote while they are on tour visiting pole dance studios.  These highly qualified pole dance exercise instructors teach safety tips while on tour but you can learn at home with their instructional DVD.  We have a wide selection of Pole Dance Instructional DVD's.  Our site offers the best descriptions of the pole dance dvd's as well as the qualifications and accolades of the instructors so you can be sure you're learning from someone who has sufficient training and background.  Here is the link to our DVD's page:

We are happy to help you chose a dance pole and pole dance at home dvd or box set.  Give us a ring.  :  )

Here is preview of one of our favorites.  These 6 instructors represent COMPLETE POLE.