8 Reasons You Need to Try Pole Fitness August 01 2014

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How Pole Dance Studio Owners Can Earn Extra Money by Selling Dance Pole Accessories July 29 2014


There are 2 ways you can earn extra money by selling pole products.  

The 1st way to earn extra money is by offering more products for sale at your studio. You buy them at wholesale prices and sell them in your studio. There is no minimum investment. We offer everything from portable dance poles, instructional DVD's and hand and body grip aids.  We can help you decide based on what other studios sell well. You can pay by paypal or credit card. We accept exchange and return on any items that don't sell so there is no risk. 

The 2nd way to earn extra cash with zero investment is by putting ads for pole products on your website. Each time someone clicks on an ad and purchases a product you receive commission on the sale. The only involvement you will have is simply allowing us to put the ads on your site. These ads will improve the look of your website by showing the brands your dancers know and love. For example, you can put an ad for Complete Pole DVD's, itac2 Pole Dance Grip, Mighty Grip Gloves and/or X-Pole products.  When your website visitors make a purchase we pay you commission.  You do not need to make any investment.  

So if you are interested in either selling products at your studio or placing a few ads on your Pole Dance Studio website, you can earn extra money.  It's quick and easy to join our Distributor or Affiliate program. After you sign-up and we approve your studio you can begin earning.  We have a special offer for new studios who join within 7 days.  This special offer expires August 6, 2014.  Contact us now to get started. or call 1-866-888-8185 US only or 949-916-8497 International


Burlesque Fitness: Get Your Sexy On February 03 2014

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV


Get your "sexy-on" in time for Valentines Day. Burlesque fitness classes are a popular way to learn the art of seduction while having fun, letting loose, and getting in a good workout.

Women from all walks of life take these classes and there's no nudity or stripping involved.

At The Vertitude dance studio in Canoga Park, owner Sergia Anderson says, "we've seen a lot of interest in our burlesque classes, we offer a safe place for women to enjoy movement and free themselves while at the same time tapping into their sensuality. Besides, it's just a fun time all around."

If you don't want to take a class and rather watch professional performers, a burlesque show downtown is an option for Valentines Day. "Tease If You Please" producer Donna Hood says "our show appeals to men but we see more women come through our doors to enjoy a night out. Our show is entertaining and more about the tease than the strip. It's fun, flirty, and humorous."