Just Released Sergia Louise Anderson Autographed Pole Instructional Single DVD August 07 2014



We are excited to announce the release of Sergia Louise Anderson's Complete Pole Autographed Singles.  We have a limited supply and they are only available from us. Released today Sergia Louise Anderson's signed instructional DVD single.  Only available while supplies last.  

Signed by the Owner of THE VERTITUDE in Canoga Park California, Sergia Louise Anderson and known for being the 2013 US National Pole Champion and the 2013 International Pole Championships (IPC) Choreographer of the Year.  Her DVD is perfect for experienced dancers and those who want to learn how to transition between pole and floor by borrowing from other dance genres.  It incorporate jazz, ballet & other dance techniques into pole routines. Learn how to use these techniques to create transitions and movement around the pole.  This DVD is great for dancers of all levels b/c transitioning can be one of the biggest challenges to creating a smooth routine for all levels of experience.

Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Sergia Louise Anderson's signed Contemporary Pole Instructional DVD.