Just Released Mary Ashton Kolacinski Autographed Pole Instructional Single DVD August 04 2014

We are excited to announce the release of Mary Ashton Kolacinski's Complete Pole Autographed Singles.  We have a limited supply and they are only available from us. Released today Mary Ashton Kolacinski's signed instructional DVD single. Only available while supplies last.  

Mary Ashton Kolacinski was the 2013 Pacific Pole Champion, performed in the 2013 Pole Art Showcase and placed 3rd in the 2013 US Nationals.  She reveals her secrets to completing combinations of tricks that allow you to be creative and innovative with your routines. The tricks and combos she teaches are a great training tool to help you progress to the next stage. Included are detailed explanations of required skills, points of contact, weight transfer & timing so you can execute these tricks safely and effectively.

Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Mary Ashton Kolacinski's signed Pole Tricks and Trick Combo's Instructional DVD.