Competencia Pole Fitness Vallarta in Puerto Vallarto Mexico November 18-23, 2014 October 21 2014






The 2014 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship - Friday, November 14th at 5:30pm PST October 14 2014

See the Promo Reel Here.

The 2014 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship Event Friday, November 14th at 5:30pm PST


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How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #8 September 23 2014

Tip #8 Host or attend a Professional Aerial Performance or Host a Student Recital Night

As a Pole Studio, hosting events is one way to keep members engaged and introduce guests to the world of Aerial Arts.  Hosting Professional Pole Aerialists or Student Performance Events are some examples of how to keep members and guests interested.  Here is an example of a past event with world renowned Aerial Artists.  There is no doubt your current students will be excited to see the Pro's perform.  

The main goal is to host regular events and keep students coming back.  Motivating students to reach their goals and overcome obstacles is an important responsibility.  Many students are striving to reach their personal fitness, flexibility and dance goals.  Events are a great way to keep members involved.  If it is too hard to get the Pro's to come to you, consider gathering a group to attend a Pole Performance show.  Additionally, you may want to host an event for your students to show the routine they have been working on.  Ask your instructors to perform or assist with choreographing the opening and closing numbers so your show motivates and members and guests can see the range of experience and the benefits of Pole Dance Fitness.

Share your tips on our blog and we may highlight your studio in the near future!

How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #7 September 16 2014

Tip #7 Host an Open House

You may be familiar with realtors and schools hosting Open House events.  So you may wonder what an Open House at a Pole Dance Studio might offer.  Here are some tips for planning, preparing and promoting an Open House at your studio.  Be sure to set 2-3 simple goals for your event. i.e. Get 5 members to attend.  Get 5 guests to attend.  Get 2 people to sign-up for a class or camp.

Planning and Preparing

  1. Offer members an incentive for bringing at least 1 guest.
  2. Offer refreshments.
  3. Give away a prize and/or have a raffle.
  4. Ask current studio students to give a testimonial and/or answer questions.
  5. Have instructors and students do a demo.
  6. Offer students an incentive if their guest joins your studio.


  1. Promote your event on Social Media and in your classes.  Note:  The best referrals come from existing students.
  2. Send invitations to past students inviting them back.
  3. Send invitations to guests who visited in the past but did not join.
  4. Use Evite, Facebook and snail mail to remind people about your upcoming event.
  5. Have an information page on your website with details about your event.
  6. Don't forget to follow up with attendees.  Ask for feedback and ask them to return for another event.

Here is an example of a studio that has done a good job on their website Open House Info Page.

How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #6 September 09 2014

Tip #6 Social Media Posts and Contests

  • Social Media Contests - Social Media is one of the best ways to advertise your studio.  It's free and takes a small amount of time.  Encourage your instructors and dancers to post images and videos, before and after photos, video medleys or flagging images.  

Here is a link to an article with tips on Social Media Contests and examples of successful campaigns.  

The image below, simply asks folks to Like them for a chance to win some cool swag.  Keep it simple to ensure success.

How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #5 September 02 2014

Tip #5 Incentives for Referrals

  • Referral Incentives - Offer your current clients a free class, workshop or other prize for new clients that sign up.  The easiest way to get a new client is by asking existing clients to bring a friend(s).  It can take a lot of courage for someone to try a new gym or fitness class so having a friend who invites them makes it easier for them to come see what you offer.  Be sure to make the guests feel welcome, get their contact information and offer a bonus for the guests to sign-up the same day for future classes or workshops.  Be sure to follow up with them by phone, e-mail or text to answer any questions or concerns they might be too shy to mention in person.  Do this is a timely manner.  Don't forget where that referral came from...make sure to follow through and reward the folks who bring guests even if guests don't sign up the first day.

How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #4 August 26 2014

Tip #4 Grab some attention on Social Media by hosting a Flagging contest.  Offer a prize to the winner!

  • Host a Flagging Contest on your Social Media Pages - This is a great way to get your students and prospective students engaged.  You can even host a Flagging Workshop and allow participants to post their flagging poses on your Social Media pages whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; etc.  This will also give your studio some unique exposure on Social Media.  

*We'd love to read about your Flagging Workshop and Contest.  Post your comments on our Blog.  Were all your participants women?  Were there any couples or doubles that participated?  What prize did you offer the winner(s)?

How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #3 August 19 2014

Tip #3 Put Affiliate Ads on your Pole Dance Studio Website  


  • Become an AffiliateYou can improve the look of your Pole Dances Site and earn commission when someone makes a purchase and it's free!  


  1. What does it mean to be an Affiliate?  Simply place an ad on your website.  If someone clicks through and makes a purchase you get paid a commission on the sale.  We have sophisticated software that tracks purchases and you get paid commission via Paypal.
  2. What type of Ads?  All ads are related to Pole Dance Products.  We have a large variety of popular pole dance accessories, DVD's and grips.  You can choose the ads from our selection. 
  3. Will my clients and instructors buy stuff?  We recommend you make an announcement and post signs to encourage dancers to make purchases through your website.  We can even provide professional signage for you. 
  4. How much money will I make?  You get paid a percentage of every sale.  You can make up to $20 for every $100 of product sold.  We also have a sign-up bonus which can be as high as $20. 
  5. Do I need to have technical experience with my website and how it works?  No.  We can walk you through the process it's simple.
  6. How do I begin?  You need to apply here.  Once we approve you, you can start right away!


Pole Dance Centre Caters to Men in Montreal Canada August 14 2014

Pole Dance Centre Caters to Men (This link will redirect you to Pole World News)

How to Increase Profits at your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #2 August 12 2014

Tip #2 Host Parties, Camps and Guest Instructor Workshops at your Dance Studio (Photo from
  • Parties- Some milestones call for a unique celebration.  On your Pole Website, be sure to provide details for hosting a Pole Dance Party.  A 20th, 30th or 40th Birthday or Bachelorette celebration can be fun and profitable.  You can theme these parties based on the guest of honors likes or hobbies.  
  • Camps - Host a week long Pole Dance Camp or Bootcamp.  These events usually last 3-10 days and can cost participants $300-$1,000. These can be Introductory level or Advanced depending on what your clientele is interested in.  Be sure to advertise to current and new students or instructors.  It's your studio, so you decide what your dancers want and need.  Be sure to offer a free swag bag to students who sign-up.
  • Guest Instructor Workshops - On the weekdays or weekends host Guest Instructors for Special Workshops.  Invite an accomplished Pole Expert to your Studio and charge students for a 2-3 hour workshop. Choose an expert instructor based on the method your students want to learn.  Some workshops that are popular at other studios are Burlesque, Contemporary, Tricks, Chair Dance, Strip Tease or Acrobatics.  We can help you book guest instructors.  Just contact us and let us know your location and the type of expert you'd like to have and we can match you up with an Expert Pole Artist.  These events can last as little as 1 hour or as long as 2 weeks.  You can charge additional fees ranging from $50-$1,000 for participants to attend.  Just be sure to offer some extra's to make it exciting.  Include a free swag bag with an autographed Pole Instructional DVD, Bottle of water, Studio Themed T-Shirt and some samples of Hand and Body Grip Aids.

*On A Fitness Trend Blog, we encourage Dance Studios, Instructors and Students to comment, ask questions or respond to questions about successes and failures.  If you already offer these events at your studio or have attended an event, please feel free to comment about your experience.  We want to read about it!  We may even highlight your studio, interview you and give you an opportunity to be a guest blogger.

    Just Released Sergia Louise Anderson Autographed Pole Instructional Single DVD August 07 2014



    We are excited to announce the release of Sergia Louise Anderson's Complete Pole Autographed Singles.  We have a limited supply and they are only available from us. Released today Sergia Louise Anderson's signed instructional DVD single.  Only available while supplies last.  

    Signed by the Owner of THE VERTITUDE in Canoga Park California, Sergia Louise Anderson and known for being the 2013 US National Pole Champion and the 2013 International Pole Championships (IPC) Choreographer of the Year.  Her DVD is perfect for experienced dancers and those who want to learn how to transition between pole and floor by borrowing from other dance genres.  It incorporate jazz, ballet & other dance techniques into pole routines. Learn how to use these techniques to create transitions and movement around the pole.  This DVD is great for dancers of all levels b/c transitioning can be one of the biggest challenges to creating a smooth routine for all levels of experience.

    Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Sergia Louise Anderson's signed Contemporary Pole Instructional DVD.

    Crossfitters Try Pole Fitness August 06 2014

    Click below to see CrossFitters Try Pole Fitness 

    (This link will redirect to Youtube.)



    How to Increase Profits at Your Dance Studio, Tip #1 August 05 2014

    Tip #1 Sell stuff.  

    If you own a studio, you know there are a few ways to bring in money.  These options require a small investment on your part.

    • Sell Refreshments - Sell bottled water, granola bars, mini cereal boxes and fruit (i.e. apples, oranges and bananas.)  Sure you might have to take a trip to the market 1-2 times per week but you can sell these items through the honor system. Just place a basket and a sign with pricing.  Price items at $1 or $2 and let clients help themselves.
    • Sell Pole Grips and Accessories.  If you need a source for pole dance accessories, we offer wholesale pricing to studios.  It's a small investment, that pays off quickly.  We recommend starting off with Mighty Grip Gloves, Mighty Grip Ankle or Arm Protectors and a few types of hand and body grips such as iTac2 Pole Dance Grip, Dry Hands and Mighty Grip.  We have a size chart for gloves and ankle protectors that we can e-mail or send to you. Your clients will prefer to buy from you rather than to purchase online.  If anything doesn't sell you can return it to us or exchange it for other merchandise to sell.

    8 Reasons You Need to Try Pole Fitness August 01 2014

    Click Here to read 8 Reasons You Need to Try Pole Fitness

    United Pole Artists Video Challenge 2014 July 31 2014

    Vote Here for the United Pole Artist Video Challenge Category:Sexy

    Our favorites are Jeni Janover and Vegan Pole Dancer!  Who are your favorites?


    How Pole Dance Studio Owners Can Earn Extra Money by Selling Dance Pole Accessories July 29 2014


    There are 2 ways you can earn extra money by selling pole products.  

    The 1st way to earn extra money is by offering more products for sale at your studio. You buy them at wholesale prices and sell them in your studio. There is no minimum investment. We offer everything from portable dance poles, instructional DVD's and hand and body grip aids.  We can help you decide based on what other studios sell well. You can pay by paypal or credit card. We accept exchange and return on any items that don't sell so there is no risk. 

    The 2nd way to earn extra cash with zero investment is by putting ads for pole products on your website. Each time someone clicks on an ad and purchases a product you receive commission on the sale. The only involvement you will have is simply allowing us to put the ads on your site. These ads will improve the look of your website by showing the brands your dancers know and love. For example, you can put an ad for Complete Pole DVD's, itac2 Pole Dance Grip, Mighty Grip Gloves and/or X-Pole products.  When your website visitors make a purchase we pay you commission.  You do not need to make any investment.  

    So if you are interested in either selling products at your studio or placing a few ads on your Pole Dance Studio website, you can earn extra money.  It's quick and easy to join our Distributor or Affiliate program. After you sign-up and we approve your studio you can begin earning.  We have a special offer for new studios who join within 7 days.  This special offer expires August 6, 2014.  Contact us now to get started. or call 1-866-888-8185 US only or 949-916-8497 International


    Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors help you grip the pole while reducing bruising and ankle pain. July 28 2014

    One of our best selling Pole Dance Accessories are Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors.  You can buy the barefoot version or the high heel ankle protectors. These tacky Mighty Grip Accessories help you grip the pole while reducing bruising and ankle pain.  You can practice longer and safer with a pair of Mighty Grip Ankle Protectors. Click here to buy them.

    Autographed Single Just Released Complete Pole Artist Katherine Voorhees Strength and Flexibility Conditioning Pole Instruction July 25 2014


    Katherine Voorhees is known for her flexibility and has been seen competing in the 2012 California Pole Dance Championships, 2013 Pole Art Showcase and is an X-Pert Certified Instructor awarded the CPDC Most Flexible Award.  Her DVD will help you with flexibility, strength and control.  Improving your lines can take you to the next level by incorporating holds and transitioning your moves to more advanced techniques that are within your reach.

    Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Single signed by Complete Pole Artist Katherine Voorhees. 

    Sale! 10% off iTac2 Products July 24 2014

    You get 10% off when you use the Coupon Code: getagrip

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    Autographed Single Just Released Complete Pole Artist Jennifer Kim Classic Pole Instruction for Beginners July 23 2014

    Jennifer Kim is a competitive pole dancer and instructor.  She participated and placed in the 2013 US Nationals as a Finalist, 2012 Pacific Pole Championship, Runner-Up -USPDF Pro.  Her Classic Pole Movement DVD includes spins, floor work and dance movement.  It is perfect for beginners who want to be fit and sexy.

    Click Below to buy Complete Pole Artist Jennifer Kim's Autographed Single, while supplies last!

    Finding an exercise that suites you March 17 2014

    An exercise routine has lots of benefits but what if you don't like to exercise.  Perhaps you have not found the right exercise for you.  This article from the American Heart Association, has some great tips for how to get more active without joining a bootcamp or gym.