How to Increase Profits at Your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #5 September 02 2014

Tip #5 Incentives for Referrals

  • Referral Incentives - Offer your current clients a free class, workshop or other prize for new clients that sign up.  The easiest way to get a new client is by asking existing clients to bring a friend(s).  It can take a lot of courage for someone to try a new gym or fitness class so having a friend who invites them makes it easier for them to come see what you offer.  Be sure to make the guests feel welcome, get their contact information and offer a bonus for the guests to sign-up the same day for future classes or workshops.  Be sure to follow up with them by phone, e-mail or text to answer any questions or concerns they might be too shy to mention in person.  Do this is a timely manner.  Don't forget where that referral came from...make sure to follow through and reward the folks who bring guests even if guests don't sign up the first day.

How to Increase Profits at your Pole Dance Studio, Tip #2 August 12 2014

Tip #2 Host Parties, Camps and Guest Instructor Workshops at your Dance Studio (Photo from
  • Parties- Some milestones call for a unique celebration.  On your Pole Website, be sure to provide details for hosting a Pole Dance Party.  A 20th, 30th or 40th Birthday or Bachelorette celebration can be fun and profitable.  You can theme these parties based on the guest of honors likes or hobbies.  
  • Camps - Host a week long Pole Dance Camp or Bootcamp.  These events usually last 3-10 days and can cost participants $300-$1,000. These can be Introductory level or Advanced depending on what your clientele is interested in.  Be sure to advertise to current and new students or instructors.  It's your studio, so you decide what your dancers want and need.  Be sure to offer a free swag bag to students who sign-up.
  • Guest Instructor Workshops - On the weekdays or weekends host Guest Instructors for Special Workshops.  Invite an accomplished Pole Expert to your Studio and charge students for a 2-3 hour workshop. Choose an expert instructor based on the method your students want to learn.  Some workshops that are popular at other studios are Burlesque, Contemporary, Tricks, Chair Dance, Strip Tease or Acrobatics.  We can help you book guest instructors.  Just contact us and let us know your location and the type of expert you'd like to have and we can match you up with an Expert Pole Artist.  These events can last as little as 1 hour or as long as 2 weeks.  You can charge additional fees ranging from $50-$1,000 for participants to attend.  Just be sure to offer some extra's to make it exciting.  Include a free swag bag with an autographed Pole Instructional DVD, Bottle of water, Studio Themed T-Shirt and some samples of Hand and Body Grip Aids.

*On A Fitness Trend Blog, we encourage Dance Studios, Instructors and Students to comment, ask questions or respond to questions about successes and failures.  If you already offer these events at your studio or have attended an event, please feel free to comment about your experience.  We want to read about it!  We may even highlight your studio, interview you and give you an opportunity to be a guest blogger.