Announcing Autographed Complete Pole DVD's July 21 2014

We are excited to announce the release of the Complete Pole Box Set Autographed by the 4 Female Complete Pole Artists.  We have a limited supply and they are only available from us.  Order the signed box set today while supplies last.  These Complete Pole box sets are signed by Sergia Louise Anderson, Katherine Voorhees, Jennifer Kim and Mary Ashton.  Later this week, we will be releasing the signed singles. There is no additional cost for these autographed box sets and singles.  Order the signed versions beginning today July 21, 2014.  You get all 6 Complete Pole Artists Instructional DVD's.  The Box set case is signed by the 4 female Champion Pole Artists. (Note: You get all 6 Instructional DVD's and the Signed Case) 

Click on the link below to buy your Autographed Box Set.