How to Increase Profits at Your Dance Studio, Tip #1 August 05 2014

Tip #1 Sell stuff.  

If you own a studio, you know there are a few ways to bring in money.  These options require a small investment on your part.

  • Sell Refreshments - Sell bottled water, granola bars, mini cereal boxes and fruit (i.e. apples, oranges and bananas.)  Sure you might have to take a trip to the market 1-2 times per week but you can sell these items through the honor system. Just place a basket and a sign with pricing.  Price items at $1 or $2 and let clients help themselves.
  • Sell Pole Grips and Accessories.  If you need a source for pole dance accessories, we offer wholesale pricing to studios.  It's a small investment, that pays off quickly.  We recommend starting off with Mighty Grip Gloves, Mighty Grip Ankle or Arm Protectors and a few types of hand and body grips such as iTac2 Pole Dance Grip, Dry Hands and Mighty Grip.  We have a size chart for gloves and ankle protectors that we can e-mail or send to you. Your clients will prefer to buy from you rather than to purchase online.  If anything doesn't sell you can return it to us or exchange it for other merchandise to sell.