What Pole Dancing Kit and Instructional DVD do I need for Pole Dancing at Home? March 21 2014

There are a lot of women interested in pole dancing for fitness.  Women of all ages are attending pole exercise classes at studios around the world.  If you don't have time to attend classes, they aren't located nearby or at a price you're willing to pay, what can you do?  You can learn pole dancing at home from the worlds best pole dance fitness instructors.  To get started you will need 2 pole dance items.  A pole dance pole and an instructional pole dance dvd.  The pole dance kits that are available for at home use are portable and removable.  You can find a bunch here on our site.  http://www.afitnesstrend.com/collections/dance-poles With all of our at home pole dance kits you can temporarily install them. The dance poles are easy to remove without damaging your floor or ceiling.  Most at home pole dance kits come with a storage bag.  Once the pole is disassembled it can be easily stored.

It can be cheaper and safer to learn the moves at home using pole dance instructional DVD's.  Many of the best pole dance instructors compete at events like the Pacific Pole Championship and the United Pole Artists Dance Federation. The winners of these annual competitions often have instructional DVD's they promote while they are on tour visiting pole dance studios.  These highly qualified pole dance exercise instructors teach safety tips while on tour but you can learn at home with their instructional DVD.  We have a wide selection of Pole Dance Instructional DVD's.  Our site offers the best descriptions of the pole dance dvd's as well as the qualifications and accolades of the instructors so you can be sure you're learning from someone who has sufficient training and background.  Here is the link to our DVD's page: http://www.afitnesstrend.com/collections/instructional-dvd-s

We are happy to help you chose a dance pole and pole dance at home dvd or box set.  Give us a ring.  :  )

Here is preview of one of our favorites.  These 6 instructors represent COMPLETE POLE.