Core-X System

The CoreX System which is popular among professional athletes including Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Michelle Kwan, Luke Walton, Grant Hill, Holly McPeak, Paul Kariya and Owen Hargreaves.  The system is small, light weight and portable.  The CoreX System allows you to get a full body workout anywhere anytime by fastening the elastic resistance bands to your limbs and completing traditional exercises like squats and lunges.  You'll notice your body responding to the exercises quickly and anyone can use this simple system.  Check back often as we are always adding trendy fitness products that might help revive your exercise routine.

Pole Fitness

You may wonder why we sell fitness dance poles and this variety of exercise equipment. We started selling dance poles over 10 years ago on our Yahoo store and Pole Dancing has grown in popularity over this time.  We are now transitioning into other fitness forms that are trendy in the US and abroad.  Pole fitness is one of the best full body fitness methods in existence.  Our selection of dance poles and accessories is huge and still growing because the demand is high.  Mostly women buy dance poles and accessories but our store also has exercise equipment geared toward both women and men.  They were one of our top sellers even then, before the trend was fully introduced to the US.  Many people were looking for a new workout that made them feel sexy while getting fit.  We noticed ladies of all ages were shopping for accessories and portable dance poles so they could exercise at home and have fun.  We continued to offer dance poles, accessories and other trendy fitness products that have great customer feedback because our goal is for our shoppers to be happy so they return to our site and shop again. 

Our Store

Our products are located in Laguna Hills California. Most everything ships from here.  We have been offering the same products domestically and internationally on our Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Rakuten, Yahoo and other sites.  Why do we sell the same stuff everywhere?  Some shoppers love Amazon so they primarily shop there and use their Prime memberships.  Others prefer eBay or other sites based on where google and the search engines lead them.  We believe that once we find a product that people love we need to make sure to offer it everywhere so all consumers can find it.  For example, you may find a kitchen gadget at a grocery store, drugstore or Costco.  It doesn’t seem strange to see it in multiple stores.  We believe the same is true for online shoppers.  We want to allow folks who shop anywhere online to find our products and have the guaranteed satisfaction that we will stand behind the product.  Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help.  That’s one of the main reasons people buy here instead of Amazon.  They want a live person who knows the item to help them answer their questions. Please keep in mind this site is still being built so all of our products have not yet been added but we’ll keep adding more and more.  We hope you try our stuff and continue to reach your fitness goals.